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Tumblr Monkees Awards Challenge 2014|DAY 10|FAVOURITE MONKEES-RELATED STORY►Michael Nesmith’s story about them escaping the clutches of their own fans. 

I made these gifs for rose-of-pollux (she requested them from me) so this is why we have the same GIFs for this question. I wasn’t so sure what story to use until she showed me this story on youtube, and I laughed a lot (mostly about how expressive Mike was about this story) but it’s a fun story to watch and listen.

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Tumblr Monkees Awards Challenge 2014|DAY 9|FAVOURITE SONG FROM ‘HEADQUARTERS’'For Pete's Sake'

In this generation, In this lovin’ time, In this generation, We will make the world shine. Written by Peter Tork, and Michael Nesmith named the song for Peter. How adorable is that?  

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